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Customizable Fidget-Toy Crystal Dragons

Customizable Fidget-Toy Crystal Dragons

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Bring home a piece of fantasy with a Crystal Dragon figurine. Fully articulated, these bendy dragons are perfect for collectors and fans alike.

  • Flexible Design: With the ability to perch on your shoulder, curl around your hand, sit along your mantle, and distract the kids, these dragons offer endless display options.
  • Customizable: Create a uniquely colored dragon as unique as you are!
  • Premium Quality: Authorized seller for high-quality craftsmanship you can trust.

Add this stunning figurine to your collection today and let it claim all the shiny things nearby for its hoard.






Dragons in pictures are tricolor red-blue-yellow, gold, pink, hot pink, and rainbow gradient. These are examples of what your dragon can look like.

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